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Head and Leading Sensei

Steve Fyffe (Sensei)

4th Dan Judo (BJA) and (BJC) (old Grades) retired from Judo early 80's
4th Dan Aikido (with at least 3 Organisations)
1st Dan (Hon) Ten Shin Ryu Iaido (Tsunami Yodokan )
Certified Cane Master (GM Mark Shuey America)
British Aikido Board certified Coach
City and Guild NVQ Teaching level 3 Aikido
Member of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Instructor (Aikido) and member of the Guild of Remei Yudansha M.G.R.Y.
Member an Student of theTsunami Yodokan Dojo Croydon London.

Founder of the UCC (Univertsal Cane Council)

Member of Dai Nippon Butoku KaiInternational (DNBK INT.)  2012

Certified YonDan (4th Dan) DNBK Int.  Certificate Dated:16th May 2013

Image: Steve Sensei

Image: Sensei Fyffe's DNBK 4th Dan certificate


Catherine Eveleigh (Sensei)

CL1 British Aikido Board Coaching course, January 2015
Aikido, Shodan (1st Dan)  13 December 2013 

Iaido, 6th Kyu Tenshin Ryu (Mike Selvey Shihan) August 2013

Catherine has been training in Aikido since 2008.  She joined St. Ives Aiki Dojo after attending a self defense evening at her church ladies group.  Whilst there she trained with Sensei George Hemmings and gained 5th kyu (yellow belt).  In September 2009 she moved to Norwich and has trained at Norfolk and Norwich Shin-GI Tai Yodokan dojo with Sensei Steve Fyffe progressing until in December 2013 she attained her Shodan (1st Dan).  Catherine is now a qualified BAB coach having completed a CL1 course.

Catherine is a Clinical Scientist working in the Radiotherapy Physics department at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.  She also leads the Kidz Klub (5-12 yr old) sunday school at Norwich Vineyard church.  

Image: Catherine Sensei

Guest and Friend Instructor and other Sensei

Technical Director for Iaido Ten shin Ryu and Budo

Mike Selvey (Shihan)

Chief instructor for the Tsunami Yodokan Dojo. Ten Shin Ryu Iaido and other Budo arts.

He has a number of Grades in the Budo arts and is more than qualified to teach them. He is alsoTecnical Director for the Cane Walking Stick) for theUCC Universal Cane Council and he is a founder Member of the UCC (Universal Cane Council) Title: Cane Master Godan (5th Dan). Mike is an Honorary member of the Shin-Gi-Tai Yodokan for Life. We are very lucky to have him in our Dojo.

29th April 2012 Mike has now been graded to 6th Dan Ten-shin-Ryu Iaido D.N.B.K. Kyoto.

Image: Sensei Mike Selvey with Sensei Steve

Guest and Friend Instructor

Quentin Cooke (Sensei)

Quentin Cooke 7th Dan (Aikido) has been visiting our Dojo for a number of years.  He is the founder of an organisation Aikido for Daily Life and very involved with the Charity Aiki Extention.  He is now a member of our Dojo for Life.

Image: Quentin Cooke

Retired and one of the founding  Sensei

Liz Freeman (Sensei)

3rd Dan Aikido
Level 3 City and Guild NVQ teaching (Aikido)
Liz has now retired since Jan 1st 2010 and is missed by the Dojo.

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