I first met the founder of the Canemasters System nearly two years ago, it does not seem that long now.

The founder of the system is Grand Master Mark Shuey (10th Dan) He is very well known in America and Europe for his promotion of the Cane in Martial Arts.

I was immediately struck by the simplicity of the techniques of the Cane and by using the methods of the Short Staff (Jo) I have adapted a system for use in the study of Aikido.

There are two systems an Exercise and a self defense system.

I have made a third system which is an add on for Aikido techniques.

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New Cane Master.......!

From 1st March 2007, Steve Fyffe has been promoted to the title of "Cane Master" Instructor, Instructor for the Disabled and C.M.I.A. Director: Certificate was signed By Certified Instructor Stephen Baker (C.M.I.A. Director) and Grand Master Mark Shuey (C.M.I.A. Founder).

If you want more details about The Cane ....!

More up dated information will be coming soon as and when it becomes available.
It is also hoped to add some Cane action pictures for you to view .



Working for the future:

At the present time in the UK there is No official organisation that oversees the use of the Cane in the UK. I have spoken to Grand Master Mark Shuey and he has given me backing and his permission to form a Cane organisation which I hope will as like the B.A.B. and other umbrella governing bodies in Martial Arts do to look after all aspects of the Cane in this Country.

I am at the moment in the process of starting to set up such a governing body and if anyone has any advice and would like to help in this respect please would you contact me by phone or Email .

The Name of the Cane System for UK

After discussions with the Cane Masters in the US we have decided to call the Cane system in the UK The Universal Cane System.

I believe, that this sums up the whole system.

The system in the US is Called The American Cane.

I chose the Universal Cane because, it fits in with what the cane system is all about.

Firstly, a complete exercise system which can be used by literally every one. This system can be used cane only, or with added resistance band of varying strengths.

Secondly, the Cane Masters system which is for self-defence.

Finally, as an add on for most Martial Arts.

The Aims of the Governing body

The basic aims of the Governing body will be:

To keep links with Cane Masters in America and Europe.
To oversee all Cane Dojos in the UK
To vet ALL Cane instructors
Certify all those teachers belonging to the Governing body
To establish a cane Sylabus
to deal with insurance for both instructors and students
Arrange Coaching seminaries
Arrange semiaries for Grand Master Mark Shuey in UK
arrange Seminaries for Cane Masters

I hope that this will keep all the So Called Cowboys out of the World of the Cane.



An amendment to the Governing body's nameing for the UnitedKingdom after further discussions with Grand Master Mark shuey, it has b been decided to keep the name of The Cane Masters International Association as the name for the Cane in UK. The Universal Cane will be the style for example Mark's style is The American Cane.

Some people in the UK may want to develop their own name while other may use the above name for style.

The choice will be for each Cane Dojo.

Grand Marster's Mark Shuey is now part of Yodokan Budo Association

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Grand Master Mark shuey has been presented with a Certificate from the Y.B.A. and now is: Senior Director for Cane for that Organisation both for the Cane Master's System and for The Universal Cane System.

He is now a member for Life and as far as I know, he is the first american to become a member of the Yodokan Budo Association.

It strentherns our links with the U.S. and establishes and links the universal Cane system to the Canemaster's system (The American Cane).

We would like to thank Grand Master shuey for his Encaragement and help over the last few years and all of the work that he has done for the Cane in the World (The real and the Martial Arts).

I personally look forward to sharing with him his knowledge of the cane and would like to thank him for his work with the Disabled people (Disadvangaged People USA) and the UK.

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