A beginner's course is starting.

If other people wishing to train with us can certainly do so as part of a normal class.

Beginner's Courses will last for approximately 12 weeks. The point of these courses are to encourage new people in to the Dojo so, if advance students who wish to train may also do so at the same time.

If necessary, we have facsilities to create either two matted areas or one very large area. Thus creating plenty of room for all to train.

All people are welcome to join us at any time. All details can be found on this website including contact details.


What type of Clothing to wear when first starting

It is advisable to wear loose fitting clothes when starting out for the first few lessons. Such as: Jogger type trousers or track suit bottoms. I always recommend long sleved tea shirt to protect the elbows from rubbing on the surface of the mat and causing chasing.

When beginners are ready and can afford to do so, a comfortable Gi is advisable to wear. It is good to discuss what type of Gi to wear with your instructor so you will know what is best for you.

All beginners start by wearing a white belt, even though they may have gained other grades in other arts. The main reason for this is if you are for example wearing a Green belt this may cause confusion with others who are starting out or other students who think that you hold that grade in Aikido.

Over the last year or so we have had people arive as beginners in Aikido stating they have certain grades in other arts and when checked! unfortunately, they are either not telling the whole truth, or, no one knows any thing about them.

It is always a good idea to be truthful because things will be found out eventually.

This is becomeing more and more common these days and owing to the fact that I cannot see, and for the safety of all the people in the Dojo, checks have to be made.


Regarding Grading, At sometime during your training you will be asked if you would like to take a grading. This is nothing to worry about this is just so that your teacher/Instructor can access how his student is progressing and the student can evaluate their progress as well. I stress that I would never put anyone through a Grading to fail. I would wait until I felt that the person concerned were ready and confident enough.

Grade Belts:

Some Aikido Schools have only Two Colours (white) and (Black) that is fine.

Most Aikido Schools now are using the Judo Style colours.

Our Dojo uses:

6th Kyu (White)
5th Kyu (Yellow)
4th Kyu (Orange)
3rd Kyu (Green)
2nd Kyu (Blue)
1st Kyu (Brown)

1st Dan (Black) Shodan.

There is a sylabus and Japanese Glossery available: Please ask your instructor for a copy.

Behaviour in the Dojo:

Behaviour in the Dojo is extremely important not just for your safety but for other people as well.

Please observe senior students and learn from them.

A copy of the rules of the Dojo can be obtained from either a senior student or, the Sensei.

Paying Mat Fees:

In order to help pay costs of hire of the place of Training (Dojo) a fee is charged to fascilitate this at the present time the fee is; £6.00 per student. The more students who train the less the majority will pay.

I only need to cover the cost of hire and put a little by for general running of the Dojo.

Costs have gone up every year and this is the reason for the need to charge Mat fee.

For the price you receive, Changing Rooms with Showers, A fully equiped Dojo for training and a Lounge bar to socialise if you wish afterwards.

There is also a Car Park and staff there to help you if you need it.


There even is a Changing room with toilet and Shower for Disabled people.


Very Important Notice:

For your own Safety and the safety of all other people who train in the Dojo, in order to train in Aikido, all people must have Full Membership and insurance as soon as possible otherwise, they will NOT be allowed to train on the mat.



Although, I am strongly connected to the CUA Aikido Union (South Shield), The Norwich Dojo is a full Member of the Yodokan Budo Association (YBA). The Dojo covers all Japanese Martial Arts and Cane Training.

This has now given us a very much broader basis to run the Dojo from and eventually, it is hoped that we will be involved in a Martial Arts Centre, which is now in the planning stages. Much more information to follow as and when things happen.

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