The Caer Urfa Aikikai came into existence on 4th
January, 1994. Its purpose is to promote and teach aikido as a pure art in accordance with the principles established by the founder, Master Morihei Ueshiba.

In recent years, aikido has become increasingly popular, which has led in turn to the creation of many independent aikido associations some of which, it can be argued, are practising styles which bear little if any resemblance to the aikido of Master Ueshiba. The formation of the CUA therefore represents a commitment to the original ideals of the founder.

It is recognised however, that any individual's style of aikido is as unique as his or her own handwriting. The CUA will therefore encourage individuality, but in the same way that handwriting must be a common language in order to be understood, the aikido of this club will also have a common reference point - the original teachings of the founder.

It is maintained that aikido is not a competitive sport it is an art of harmony. Although it is a martial art, the principles of that art are in accordance with the principles of nature. In the practice of aikido, this means that aikido is not a fighting art, but a method of neutralising aggression.

More importantly, the techniques of aikido are not ends in themselves. Each technique is but another step towards an understanding of the "Way". There is a higher spiritual level, which each aikidoka is encouraged to attain through diligent study.

Further more the Caer Urfa Aikikai will be selective in the matter of whom it will allow membership. People of good character will be welcomed; members who abuse the privileges extended to them, or who bring aikido into disrepute will be excluded. Similarly, it is expected that all members will comply with the formalities and etiquette that characterise aikido training. With regard to grading, the CUA does not offer "quick grades" or specific grades within any particular time period. All people progress in their training at differing speed, and therefore an ongoing assessment will be used, whereby individuals will be invited to be examined at such time that the senior instructors of the CUA are satisfied that they are likely to pass such examinations.

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