The Fufiyama School of Iai Batto Jutsu in association with COMBAT Magazine is proud to announce the First International Tameshigiri competition to be held in the Aylsham Road TA Centre in the Centre of Norwich, Norfolk, on the 24th November 2007.
We would like to invite all students of Iai to take part in this, the first organised Tameshigiri competition, run the same way as the Japanese competitions, with clubs from all over the World being invited.
It will be a Showcase for the general public to have a chance to see how the Fapanese Sword should be used, in a safe and controlled manner, to help overcome the bad press and misconceptions generally surrounding the katana and Sword Skills.
There will be experienced judges from Japan, an opening ceremony with 5th Dan Kyudoka, full coverage of the event by COMBAT Magazine, various demonstrations and a friendly atmospere, this is the one tournament not to be missed.
There will be a pre-competition seminar (held the day before) where you will have the chance to train with Soshi Takeshi Mochazuki, 6 times all Japan Batto Champion (retired undefeated) probably one of the best exponents in the art of Tameshigiri in Japan.
As you can imagine spaces in the competition and at the seminar are limited and we expect the response to be sarge so Please apply early to confirm your place.
Because we are arranging Television, Newspaper and Radio coverage there will be certain rules that need to be adhered to, we do NOT need any incidents or problems with such a large Media attendance.
When you have booked your place in the Competition you will receive a Welcome Pack which will include a Map to the Venue, Hotels available locally, Transport Links, and a Number which will be your personal Identification Number and will be used to show your position in the Competition.
For more information and all of the Rules and Regulations you will need to know Click on the link below....

Please click here for full competition details on our special competition link found here

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