At the time of writing, the Fujiyama School trains on a number of evenings:

Thursday: 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm Thorpe St Andrew's Parrish Village Hall
opposite corner of Roxley Close
Yarmouth Road

Friday Evening:
8.00 pm 10.00 pm
Kokoro-no Kai Oriental Arts Centre (Dojo 2)
St Mary's Works
Dukes Street

Great Yarmouth Club,
Great Yarmouth TA High School,
Salisbury Road,
Great Yarmouth, Nr30 4BS.

Please contact Numbers below for more details and availability.

CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS:Home: 01493 384408
Mobile: 07970457719

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Who About us - Who we are

The Fujiyama School of Iai Batto Jutsu was formed in 2004: Its aim is to bring the teachings of Sensei Takeshi Mochizuki 8th Dan to students in Great Britain.

With the help and guidance of Mochizuki Sensei's senior student Dr. David Dyer Sensei 7th Dan, the club is starting to expand and become well known within the world of Iai.

Mochizuki Sensei is one of Japans' foremost exponents of Tameshigiri (Test Cutting) and has held the all Japan Batto Championship several times. He is the head teacher of the Shintoseibu School of Iai Batto art in Japan, in Fuji City, Shizouka Pref. He Travels to Los Angeles to teach and it is hoped to get Sensei to travel to England to hold a seminar here, the last time he was in England was 1989.

What We Do

The Fujiyama School teaches Toyama Ryu Iai Batto Jutsu, a style developed for the Japanese Military in 1925, and Shinto Ryu Iai Batto Jutsu, a style from the mid to late 19th Century, a time when Japan was still a feudal nation.

The use of a Japanese Sword is not something that can be learned over Night, the methods and techniques take years to master and understand, a journey many of us start but never complete. The Japanese Sword is an awesome weapon and there ar many myths and stories surrounding it. At the Fujiyama School we will learn to appreciate its simplicity and understand the way the Japanese Sword is used correctly, the proper stance, grip on the weapon, the correct way to draw it from the Scabbard and how to return it to the scabbard after use.

We teach to the more advanced students Tameshigiri (Test Cutting) this is performed on straw mats, only through these techniques can you tell whether your cutting is correct and effective, it also lets the student feel the sensation of using the Sword for the purpose it was designed for, cutting.

In addition we teach Okinawan Kobo Jutsu, the use of Okinawan weapons including, The Bo, Tonfa, Sai, Kama, Tekko, Tinbe Rochin and Furijin. These weapons techniques help in the use of the Sword in stance and movement, once you have learned a weapon well you will see its weaknesses and will be able to defeat it.

We try to keep the training relaxed, we find that way students learn quicker and with less pressure. The School is kept small so that each student can benefit from personal instruction and help in developing their skills, each member is a valued part of the School and everybody helps everybody else.

All students are involved in the running of the Club/School, even down to running website etc. and should you wish to join the Fujiyama of Iai Batto Jutsu you will not only be joining a Sword Club in Norwich You'll be joining a family with its roots in Japan.

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