Grand Master Mark Shuey, founder of Cane Masters International Association, Director and member of The Universal Cane Council UK, Style of Cane: American Cane Hon. Member of Yodokan Budo Association.

Master Steve Fyffe, Cane Master Instructor, Instructor in Cane for the Disabled, Director for Cane Masters International Association, CMIA, Founder of the Universal Cane Council UK.

Mike Selvey Universal Cane Council 2nd Dan, for cane, CMIA advance Student, and Co-founder of the Universal Cane Council UK which is part of the Yodokan Budo Association )(YBA).

Dave Lee, CMIA Advance Student, Founder of Cane Style for Wheelchair users etc. Tsui-jitsu Shin Do, Responsable for Wheelchair cane for Universal Cane Council UCC UK, Universal Cane Council 1st Dan.

Wayne Taylor Hon. Member of UCC.

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