This page is designed for additional websites that maybe of interest to people:

If you have a website, and wish to have it listed on this page please Email me your website address and description and why you would like it placed here and I will do my best to accommodate you.

The Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society (WaleS) Main website

The British Aikido Board Main website

A free Martial Arts Magazine on line.

The Bokken Shop UK Authentic Jappanese Weapons etc.

Different weapons website than one above Japanese based with english website

Get really cool with real music visit The Jazz.

an easy way to put videos on to your website and include in Emails

A Navigation system that bluetooths to your mobile phone, very highly recommended.

If you want a complete software system to run your school with look at this one...! I strongly recommend it.

Check this one out and let me know what you think.......!

The website for Japanese products Most japanese martial arts

The Eastern Shotokan Karate Association. A very good organisation for all ages.

The Disability Martial Arts Association.

CUA Aikido with John Harding 5th Dan "New CUA Website"

A very interesting website from Jersey. director Nick Pitman who is like me a 4th Dan (Aikido) and he is going blind and will probably end up like me....!

Hagakure Aikido Dojo - Interesting website and a good one for the younger Children and yonger Teenager. Very good website (I highly Recommend it.)

Another Martial Artist who is So Called Disabled ...! I have a lot of time and respect for this man his name is Bob Banham.

Visit the Norwich puppet theatre by clicking on this link, The Magical World of puppets one of four in the Country....!

Kevin Garwood (Shihan) Cane Work website (Self Defence with Cane and other techniques) Recommended.

Samurai : Tenshin Ryu Learn The Way

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