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Marital Intent is what is key to this!

I have a funny story - well, maybe not so funny, but to the point...Not long ago, my sister was visiting my husband and I and we all went to DisneyWorld and stayed in this little cramped hotel room. At one point, I was trying to cross the room and my husband was in my way and obnoxiously refused to move (as only husband's can...). I came through with a quick atemi to his face which effectively caused him to move backwards and allowing me to pass. (what can I say, aikido works in all sorts of situations). Anyway, my sis sees this and a few minutes later as she tries to get past him and he was refusing to move, she tries to atemi him (I should mention that she is not an aikidoist and doesn't know what an atemi is...she was just mimicking my moves)....but he didn't budge. She says to me, "why didn't it work?". My answer was, "You didn't have any intent. He doesn't believe that you will hit him." She tried a couple more times, but always her atemi would stop just short of his face...about the 5th time, she got a strike in that forced him to move. My sister could probably care less, but it was a good lesson for me!

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