Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Membership 2007 ## Please Note that Yearly Membership is from Jan to Jan

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21st Oct 2007


The key to good Aikido is harmony. This is also the key to a good and happy club. All students are expected to train with this in mind. There is no competition and therefore no room for conflict. Students are expected to train with all others without prejudice.

Assume Incompetence, and Get Taught

Assume arrogance, and don't.

Politeness and common decency are expected from all students at all times, with care being extended when practising Aikido techniques so as not to cause injury.

Aikido techniques should not be demonstrated outside the dojo. Any member found to bring Aikido and/or the CUA into disrepute will be excluded from the CUA.

Major infringements will result in immediate exclusion. For minor infringements the founder or the chairman may give a warning. Re-occurrence of bad conduct will then result in exclusion from the CUA. The decision of the founder and chairman is final.


Fingernails and toenails should be kept short.
All jewellery has to be removed prior to practice.
Weapons must be kept in good condition and covered when outside the Dojo.
Only Aikido will be practised within the Dojo, and only under the supervision of the Sensei.

It is the responsibility of all students to ensure the practice area is maintained in a safe condition. Any potential hazard should be reported to the Sensei.
Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times within the Dojo when not on the training area.
Any malpractice, which may result in injury, will result in exclusion from the CUA.
All injuries must be recorded in the accident book and witnessed.
All students must be insured to practice. (Insurance is included in the annual membership fees).


All students should turn out for practise with the appropriate equipment.

Gi - cleaned and pressed.
Hakama - if worn.
Bokken - wooden sword.
Jo - wooden staff.
Tanto - wooden knife.
Carrying case for weapons.
Appropriate footwear - Straw Zoris sandals, or flip-flops. NOT TRAINERS.

New students are not expected to have all the equipment at time of joining. Priority should be given to a Gi and Zoris type sandals.


The use of video camcorders is prohibited on all courses. Only those authorised by the CUA will be permitted.

Any student may take still pictures providing they have sort the permission of the teaching Sensei. 2007 (c)

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