Goodbye to Sensei John Tidder (Nidan) 2nd Dan (Aikido)

It is with great regret that I must announce the Death of Mr. John Tidder from cancer. He will be sorely missed both as an excellent Teacher of Aikido and as a valued friend.

I first met John during 1987, when I first took up Aikido in the Norwich area. The classes at that time, were run by another teacher and John was assistant teacher at that time. During 1988, The Club/school changed dramatically and John was left holding the baby. We had a meeting and it was decided to continue training twice a week Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The classes grew and a dojo hub was well established. During the early days we did not belong to any Aikido organisation but, eventually, we Joint the National Aikido Federation headed by Michael Narey. There was much changing going on in the Dojo during the mid nineties and I did not agree with all of it.

I left the Dojo during 1994 but I kept a discrete eye on all that was happening during the years. John eventually moved the dojo during early 2000, and joined a different Aikido Organisation which in my opinion, he should had done long ago.

As far as I am aware, he was still teaching up to the time of his death 4th February 2007.

He had many other interests and was a quallified Shiatsu Practiciener. He like his smokes and his beer....! My thoughts are with all his family at this time especially his partner Wendy.

Without John's encouragement and constant practice of basics....basics ....and basics! I probably would never had taken Aikido up in the first place. I was his personal Uke for many years and I hope that I am a living example of Aikido that John would had wanted.

Although, we drifted a part during the later years of his life I was always interested in what he was doing.

With humble Honour and respect in Budo,

Sensei Steve Fyffe M.G.R.Y.

Be gentle in your sleep as you were in life.

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