Up coming events for 2007

September 4th Grading Tsunami Dojo as part of training.

13th October 2nd seminar Iaido and Iaijutsu Saturday celebrating 1st Anniversary of the Yodokan Budo Association.

10th - 11th November, Wales seminar. Featuring Iaido Iaijutsu, Karate and Aikido, and Sunday the ultimate test (The Dreaded Water Fall)....!

There will be much more information added to this page as and when information is available.

Seminars 2008.

Saturday 7th June, Otani day, to celebrate the life of Otani Tomio Hanshi , to be held at Yodokan Honbu Wales.

Saturday 5th or 12th July, Tenshin Ryu Iaido Seminar to be held in London.

Saturday 18th October 2nd anniversary Yodokan, Budo course to be held in London.

Saturday 15th November, Winter Budo course at Honbu Wales, Sunday 16th waterfall training.

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