February 20 - 22 -- 2007

Febryary 20th Steve and me will be traveling to Wallington Surrey, and visiting The Tsunami Yodokan - Ten Shin Ryu Sword Dojo at Sherley Croydon. On the second day we will be visiting Wimbledon (Not for the Tennis....! I like chasing balls...! We are visiting a Buddhist Temple there. Don't know what to make of that will give you a doggy description when I bring my master back to Norwich on the Thursday 22nd.


March - St. Patrick's Day

My master and me are going to the Renmei Dinner this year and will be presenting a special trophy to a very special young lady. She is only 7 years old, so.....some of you may be saying, she is like my master Blind from birth.

I will if I am not too full from eating the scraps off the floor, report on the happenings when we return. By the way I will have to behave myself it is a very posh hotel, I am told it is: The Holiday Inn Hotel Borehamwood Hertfordshire.....! (5 Star Job....ooooohh)


My master and me will be travelling to the Wallington area again for one of those Sword courses again. Enjoyed other one tell you about it later...WOOF....!


This is one of my favourate seminars that my master and me attend so much attention and so much going on......!


It was cold morning when we left Norwich station. It took some time to get across London and my master was a little stressed owing to the fact that the train we were on did not announce the stops. It was lucky that we found someone who was getting off at the same stop that we were.

Arrived at Wallington about 20 past twelve and was met by Mike Selvey. There were some minor hitches at the hotel we were staying at but all got resolved eventually.

After a Lunch for my master and a drink for me, we made our way to the Dojo, where I had a sleep and Steve spent his time waving I think it is called an Iai-To very strange what he chooses to do. A few hours later back to the hotel where I had my well deserved tea and Steve got himself ready for the evening session.

A lot more people there in the evening I had another sleep and then back to the hotel.

Next day we visited a Tai Buddhist Temple The garden was lovely with plenty of interesting items to look at and smell. Steve was certainly touched by the experience and I am sure we will visit there again.

After lunch we went to my favourate passtime shopping, Steve bought some thing for Mummy Liz as she is known to me because, her Birthday was coming up on the following Friday.

After a very enjoyable meal and time with some of the students and Mike it was time to prepare ourselves for the travelling the next morning.

No problems getting home again. Would like to thank all those people who made our stay so enjoyable and giving up their time to assist Steve and me.

Steve has now obtain let me get this right....6th Kyu Ten Shin Ryu Yodokan Iai. I will report on the next travel which will not be very long now....WOOF.....! Griffin (The Aiki-Dog)

17th March Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu Renmei 17th Annual Dinner and Presentation

Griffin's exclusive Report

It was a very long day Last Saturday 17th March I had to have my Breakfast very early I knew that we were going to go on train. We left home about 8 o.clock to catch the train to Thetford, where we were met and taken by a very large car, plenty of room for me....! to the Holiday Inn Hertfordshire. We arrived about 2 in the afternoon and I found plenty of people to sniff at and get some attention from. We sat around for a few hours chatting to many people as they passed by and was taken through to the main room for all the activities.

I was given my tea, Steve had to wait much longer for his dinner.....! The evening started with a Martial Arts Demonstration given by the Thetford Dojo followed by some of the presentations.

Dinner was served after the first part of presentations my Master Steve received a Small award Senior Master attendance, and a young girl Blind like Steve was awarded student of the year her Name is: Jessica Marshal Aged Seven Interesting little girl she tried to work me in harness....! did not play her game.

After dinner, more presentations and then
a DISCO! very noisy it seems that Steve enjoyed all that. I got a lot of attention from many people. Then it was time to go. we left at midnight and arrived home at twenty past three in the early morning.

Looking forward to next travel.

Griffin The Aiki-Dog

21st April.

Due to unforseen circumstances we will Not be traveling to the Ten Shin Ryu Seminar 21st April 2007. It is hoped that we will be able to see them again sometime later in the year.
The Aiki-Dog


May 15th 2007

My master and me are traveling once again to the Tsunami Ten Shin Ryu Sword Dojo. We hope to arrive at Eden Park Station about lunch time and Train at Dojo in evening and return back to Norwich Early morning wednesday 16th May, will tell you all about it on our return. If it is as good as last time, we will have a very good traveling and training session with them all. WOOF....!

40 Years of Aikido....!

We are Going off to New Milton on the 8th June and returning on the 11th Monday morning, This course is a rather special one as it is Hoasted By John Harding I am told that he is (5th Dan..!) to celebrate 40 years of Aikido training. We both enjoyed the course last year and if it is half as good, then we will all have a good time. My master is trying to sort out a place for us to stay we are waiting for hotel info. Looking forward for that travel.

Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society Summer School

We are hoping this year to attend the above Summer School for a few days. My Master tells me that we if all is well, will be spending a few days in a nice Bungalow I am looking forward to that one as we have not been to Burry Port for some time and we did enjoy ourselves very much last time. I do hope it is not too hot.....!


Exclusive report by Griffin Tuesday 16th May 2007

This time my Master and me left Norwich later and traveled to the Hotel by a diferent route.

Although, it took aproximately the same time it was much more easy to work and guide steve from one platform to another.

We arrived at the hotel about lunch time booked in without any problems I had a well deserved drink and Steve had his roast Lunch.

We were picked up from the hotel by Mike at just after seven and Steve went off again to wave his Sword about while I had my usual chew and a drink and had a sleep and woke up at end of class for a run about.

Steve Mike and Charlie went back to the Hotel for a drink and a pint. We left Hotel just before nine next morning arriving without any problems back to Norwich Lunch time....!

We would like to thank all of the staff at Hotel for all of their help and also thank all those at the Tsunami Dojo for yet again a very happy time and training session.

Next traveling report will be we hope from New Milton.

Until then a big Woof....! Griffin.

Griffin's exclusive report: 8th June 11th June 2007 from the very special 40th celebration Course for Sensei John Harding

Woof.....Everyone, what a fantastic weekend Steve and Me had. We travelled to New Milton on the Friday and arrived at our guest house mid afternoon. Steve was very happy with the place that we were staying at as we were able to be as independant as we liked.

The day of the seminar arrived and we started about one in the afternoon. I met and sniffed at many new people and they made a lot of fuss over me. There were many people teaching there and about 35 to 40 were training on both days.

One of the highlights was a very interesting 2 hour session with Kyoshi Roger Payne. A lunch was available Sunday, Not for me..... I had a late tea owing to a visit to the pub after. Saturday evening was spent waiting for our meal, Rather a lot of cooking....!

It was soon all over, and Monday morning arrived and Steve and me had to get ready to travel home.

We both would like to thank all those taking part and those who organised the event and a very special thanks goes to John Harding for inviting us.

I must also thank our wonderful landlady who looked after us so well and we look forward to another course to go and visit.

The next Course we will be attending is if all is well, The Tsunami Yodokan Iai course which is on Steve's Birthday....! Keep returning to my furry reports woof for now....!
Yet another exclusive from the one and only Aiki-Dog.

Woof, We're off to Kent again!

Steve, my master and me are going off to Kent next Tuesday 7th August, we were supposed to go a few weeks earlier. I do not know the reasons why we did not go no business of us dogs. Tell you all about it when we get back home.

7th August 2007

Woof!....yet another visit to the Tsunami Dojo

This time Steve and me left Norwich earlier this time and arrived at Edon Park station about 1225 aAM. We booked in to the hotel after a drink and a lunch. I then was surprised when Mike and Steve took me to a large park where I could run about for a while.

In the evening we went to the Tsunami Dojo and Steve did his usual waving his Iaito about. Then there was a few pieces of paper being awarded. This time Steve gained his 5th Kyu Iaido Ten Shin Ryu. Then Steve awarded Mike Selvey a certificate for his work in the study of the Cane he was awarded 2nd Dan a big Woof from me...!

We then went back to the hotel for a drink and yet more to eat....and before we knew it, we were travelling back to Norwich again.

We both would like to thank all those at the Dojo and Mike for making our time so enjoyable.

Next trip should be the 2 day seminar at Thetford. Will report then....A special Woof to you all for now, Griffin the Reporting Aiki-Dog.


Woof....! everyone, We are back from yet another seminar, this one is one of my highlights of the year as I get to sniff many people some I remember and some new ones. We got on the early train from Norwich to Phetford and arrived at the leisure Centre about eight thirty. After a drink and a good sniff about, we made our way to the Dojo. After the opening ceremony My master taught for a while and I met some more people as I usually do before having a short sleep. I was taken for many walks by people I knew and even some that I have not met before. Lunch soon passed by, and then late afternoon I had my tea. Steve got himself ready for the evening where we attended a Buffy and Karaoke and so - Called dancing.....! After a while, we went back to the Dojo and everyone attempted to go to sleep. The second day was shorter and soon came to an end and we were on our way back to Norwich. I would like very much to give a very big Woof....(Thanks) to all those people who helped me and Steve get about and we are both looking forward for the next one.....! The next report should be coming from the Budo weekend in Wales Newport Gwent. Until then Woof, Woof, (thanslation Goodbye) Griffin the roving Aiki-Dog)


Woof Hello everyone, yes, it is Griff again. We left Norwich Friday 9th November to find our way to New Port Wales. We got to Liverpool street station and then got on that terible underground system to get to Padington station. We arrived from padington to New Port at about half past two, I was busting to go to the Loo....! Not easy when you are becoming an old dog.

We met Wayne at the station and went to our hotel from there had a drink and a rest then went to their lovely Dojo near by. I put some muddy foot prints on their mats and they had to be cleaned off before the morning....!

Next morning, Steve and Me met a lot of new people and a long but interesting day was to happen. There were some interesting Martial Arts on display, some I enjoyed and some I slept through....seen it all before.....!

At about six in the evening, and a lot of paper waving we went back to our hotel and Steve got ready for his well earned meal, I had mine at the Dojo, getting to know a lot of the Japanese terms. The following morning we were taken to a very strange thing that some mad humans do, they travel by car find some water that is falling from a high rock and then....! stand or sit there for some reason. As a dog, I would not go anywhere near that sort of thing.

The humans seemed to enjoy it....

After some embracing and fairwells, Steve and me were returned to our hotel and Steve had some lunch and a rest before we met Wayne and some friends for a drink in the evening.

The journey home the next day was horrible owing to trains breaking down and Steve and me forgotten about by rail staff....! Took from 10 in the morning until 6.oo in the evening to arrive back home to norwich.

We have now completed all the traveling for this year and I look forward to some more next year.

By the way, next year will be my last traveling adventures as it is soon time for me to retire and enjoy a dogy life and let another dog do my work. It is an upseting time but, all will work out well.

Until next year....coming up very soon....!

A big Woof to you all, The one and only Griffin (The AikiDog)


Our Visit to London and Buxton (Derby)

Woof everyone, has been some time since I have put paw to keyboard but have been busy with doggy business....! At the end of March Steve and me went to visit one of his friends who live in the Enfield area of London.

We were picked up by Car, one of my favourte ways of travelling from home and arrived at dave's home two hours later. There were many new things for me to siff at and investigate.

We left home on the Thursday, Friday was a day for me to relax and do very little. We left Dave's house very early on the Saturday moring to travel all the way to Derby University.

I gather from the conversations after the day that it was certainly a learning day but money was raised for the Charity etc.

Sunday was fun.....! I had some free time in the park, and showed Matt, one of Dave's sons how I am supposed to work....! ha, ha.

On the Monday we went to a very posh house and met Paul Griffin, I managed to con him in to giving me a slice of ham when Steve was Not Looking.....!

Tuesday evening, Steve went to Dave's Dojo and taught for a little while, I hope that theyb enjoyed themselves.

Wednesday arrived and it was time to make aour way back home to Norwich.

I would like to thank Dave and all of his family and friends for making our stay so enjoyable.

until the next report, which will be from New Castle, have not been there for a while.

Woof, Woof, (Translation Goodbye)

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