I have known Terry for a number of years and only recently learn of his parting from this World. I have known that he had not been very well for some time. He used to Email me and Phone me offten to share with me some of the ideas he had and what he wanted to achieve.

I add to this page a short description of his work as a tribute to both a friend and admirer.

in loveing memory, rest in peace.

Steve Fyffe (A humble Sensei who is saddened by your Death)

The passing and Memory of Terry Taylor Sensei

(1st December 1954 - 16th November 2006)

Terry Taylor who suddenly passed away just moments before the start of THE "BREAKING DOWN THE BARRIERS" MARTIAL ARTS FESTIVAL for the Disabled which he founded and hosted so successfully over so many years on the 16th November 2006, Terry was just about to launch the 2006 Martial Arts Festival for the Disabled, Known as "Breaking Down Barriers". Terry's Dream was was to help develop the Self - Esteem and enjoyment of Disabled people by working with a team of highly committed and devoted instructors across a broad range of Martial Arts Disciplines. Sadly, and suddenly, he passed away, leaving a legacy but all the instructors and the staff of the Sencio Community Leisure Centre in Swanley, since carried on the Programme to the joy of all attendees.
Terry's Email and Website will be maintained and news of how the dream to carry on the "BREAKING DOWN OF BARRIERS" will continue for the continued development and happiness of Disabled people across the UK.
He was a second Dan Shotokan Karate Instructor. He decided to start teaching people with a Visual Impairment just after he got his first Black Belt. However, from that he learned to teach people with a wide range of disabilities and have developed from that.
His Club had a mixture of Disabled and Non - Disabled students "Just as it should be" and he believed from this everyone gains and through this learns to accept each other "For what they are - and what they are not". In short, It's Integration.

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